Cosmetic Retail Operations Manager Job Description

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What do you do when you love makeup, but also love physical work like putting up new signs and handling updating of retail counters? You hunt for a position as a retail operations manager, because these positions cater to both passions and allow you to develop your passion for makeup, skin care or hair while also keeping you interested by being hands on with product displays and other visual aspects of retail stores. Retail Operations Managers have many duties that go unnoticed and often unappreciated by the public, or sometimes even their own coworkers, but great operations managers are worth their weight in gold to their employers.

Cosmetic Retail Operations Manager Job Duties

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Product storage areas are the domain of operations managers.

This field of retail work is different from what you might expect. Job duties include, but are not limited to:
• Receiving shipments
• Reconciling any errors in shipments, current stock on hand, etc.
• Organizing back stock area
• Changing out and maintaining large visual presentations in retail stores and windows
• Managing interstore transfers
• Updating displays including hardware and product changes
• Keeping back stock levels appropriate for the store’s needs
• Managing damaged products and those that are made into customer testers
• Following prescribed budgets for damaged items, testers, supplies and more
• Managing employees both in the operational areas and on typical retail sales floor
• Participating in following payroll budgets and possibly making changes to staffing as needed

Cosmetic Retail Operations Manager Working Conditions

More than any other retail positions, operations managers need to be able to lift awkward and heavy items, climb on ladders, maneuver in odd positions and any combination of these requirements. These duties are all in addition to typical retail working conditions that require standing for hours at a time, maintaining a good working relationship with your co-workers and being customer-oriented. Sales goals are also set and focusing on them is a typical working condition you encounter in retail positions.

Cosmetic Retail Operations Manager Employment Salary

Retail Operations Managers usually fall into the “first line supervisory” positions, meaning they are not the store manager, or even the store assistant manager. According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, first line supervisors in retail in mid-2011 had a median hourly wage of $17.54 per hour, meaning an annual salary of $36,480 if working full time. The low end of the pay spectrum for this position is just over $11 per hour and the high end of the spectrum is nearly $30 per hour.

Education and Experience Requirements

Retail positions rarely have education requirements tied to them, except at the highest of employment levels. Experience requirements are much more commonly used for retail managers, including the retail operations managers discussed here. Commonly experience requirements for first line supervisors in a retail store include a minimum number of years working in retail, as well as a minimum number of years working in retail management. Sometimes stores will promote from within, meaning if you are working as a member of the store team at an associate level and show promise you can possibly be promoted depending on the company and their policies.

Desirable Skills

Basic retail skills including comfort working with the public and basic sales skills are key, but operations positions also have a special set of desirable skills. Those with strong organizational skills are a huge benefit to operations teams, as well as those who are good at fixing things when they are broken without appropriate tools or parts. More desirable skills include basic math skills, diplomacy skills used while supervising others and the ability to learn new computer programs and formats easily for managing various tasks assigned to operations managers.

Where to Find Cosmetic Retail Operations Manager Jobs/Employment

Retail Operations Manager positions are sometimes advertised on common job-hunting websites and groups like, but like many jobs in the beauty industry they are also often advertised primarily through word of mouth. These jobs are so specific it is important to keep hunting for them continually, as one month there may be no position available and the next month there is one perfect for you.


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